Data Standards for the Norwegian Continental Shelf

The EPIM Reporting Forum is an activity operated by EPIM - Exploration & Production Information Management Association.

Through the links below, you will find XML schemata (with supporting information) that reflect the form on which actors on the Norwegian Continental Shelf have agreed to exchange information within the included domains. These domains are to be thought of as building blocks to an overall exchange model, where new blocks will be added.

The formats of these reports are in compliance with Energistics' WITSML and PRODML specifications for drilling and production, respectively.


All concepts reflected in the XML Schemata are also defined in an ISO 15926-based ontology available through the POSC Caesar Reference Data Library (RDL). Some of the schemata (such as that for the Daily Drilling Report) define links from the XML Schema Elements to the relevant element(s) in the RDL, thereby offering precise semantic definitions used to ensure or support quality of interoperation.


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