Intelligent Data Sets Accelerating Deployment of ISO15926

Realizing Open Information Interoperability


IDS-ADI is an umbrella group for project teams advancing the state of ISO 15926, and acting as custodian for deliverables created by these teams, that will form part of the long term infrastructure of ISO15926. Constitution of IDS-ADI under a single steering committee depends primarily on the collaboration of the POSC Caesar-IDS and FIATECH-ADI projects (below), but also involves liaison with other industry information standardization initiatives of POSC Caesar, FIATECH, ISO, W3C and others.

IDS-ADI Projects

The Avalon Project

  • Project Manager : Robin Benjamins - timezone USA East Coast
  • Project kick-off June 2009. Project end November 2009

The Matrix 1, 2 and 3 Project

  • Project Manager : Phil Robins, Adrian Laud, Andy MCBrien - timezone GMT (UK)
  • Project kick-off July 2008. Project end April 2009

POSC Caesar - Intelligent Data Sets (IDS) Project

  • Project Manager : Magne Valen-Sendstad - timezone Central Europe (Norway)
  • Project Completed Dec 2008. IDS2 Initiative continues.

The Proteus Project

  • Project Manager : Adrian Laud - timezone GMT (UK)
  • Project kick-off July 2009.
  • Project Completed.

FIATECH - Accelerating Deployment of ISO 15926 (ADI) Project

  • Project Manager : Onno Paap - timezone Central Europe (The Netherlands)
  • Project Completed.

IDS-ADI & ISO15926 Infrastructure

There are three aspects to IDS-ADI & ISO15926 Infrastructure

  • The ISO15926 standard and its use: If you are completely new to ISO15926 - asking yourself "What is it all about?" "Why should my business care?" "How should we approach it?" - go straight to the ISO15926 Primer. If you are ready to go beyond "getting started" here is an introductory presentation on to "How To" use, exploit and comply with ISO15926, with links to all the relevant detailed resources. If you have already been involved in using ISO15926, and simply want a reference to its key parts, then go to Structure of ISO15926 as a published standard.
  • The Infrastructure of the IDS-ADI Projects processes and sub-project / task breakdowns. This is the place to go if you are, or wish to be, involved in IDS-ADI projects, and want to see the scope, the current organisation and the status of the work involved.
  • The Technology Infrastructure that supports IDS-ADI and ISO15926 Implementations. This is the place to go if you are ready to start implementing IDS-ADI-ISO15926 technologies either as part of IDS-ADI projects or as part of your own business.
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