Intelligent Data Sets (IDS) Prototype

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The IDS prototype is an implementation, using OWL and SWRL, of the application of templates to the representation and transformation of data found in industrial data sheets. The initial case is translating between existing data sheet formats describing the Emerson 3051CG Pressure transmitter. For information on templates, see SigMmt.

The IDS home page is found at


In alphabetical order:

  • ABB
  • Aker Kværner
  • DNV -- Valen-Sendstad, Magne; Skjæveland, Martin Georg; Klüwer, Johan Wilhelm
  • Emerson
  • Tektonisk: Sharecat


  • Determine format of XML source documents
  • Presentation of template methodology in tutorial at Semantic Days 2008
  • Verify with domain experts: current representation in RDL of pressure transmitter
  • Product modelling in RDL
  • Collecting scope for templates. (Which templates do we need, given the Sharecat data sheet as norm. Etc.)
  • Collecting data to instantiate templates
  • Sufficient set of templates implemented in OWL and SWRL


  1. DNV/Høvik 2008.02.25 -- workshop
  2. DNV/Høvik 2008.03.10
  3. 2008.06.20 -- template tutorial


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