IDS-ADI Editing & Policy

PCA provides a guide to editing the Trac wiki with all its various features here:

The information on this page here provides additional guidance specific to the IDS-ADI project.

Access to Change & Contribute

Access credentials are required to change content and make new contributions - please contact the responsible administrators on the Wiki Start Page.

Naming Policy

Always identify projects under the aegis of IDS or ADI as IDS-ADI projects. ADI has dissolved its steering committee in favour of an overarching IDS-ADI steering committee. PCA is yet to make that determination with regard to the IDS project, but as a point of good faith IDS projects should follow suite and adopt the IDS-ADI nomenclature.

Creating Pages

All IDS-ADI page names in the Wiki should start with "IdsAdi". For example, the address bar in the browser shows where "IdsAdiEditing" is the name of the page. When creating new pages please use the PageTemplate IdsAdi.

Some current IDS-ADI projects (for example, the RDS/WIP) are sufficiently identified in and of themselves, or have content on the PCA site that pre-dates IDS-ADI. These may continue to omit the IdsAdi prefix, but, for example, the matrix projects should not. The matrix projects should be identified something like this: "IdsAdiMatrixProject3", without trying to be too prescriptive.

When you add a page, remember to edit it into the existing "TracNav" for the project structure and to put the TracNav markup in the page itself. Here's an example of how to link in the IDS-ADI TracNav.


The TracNav has a little edit link on it when its in a page, and can be edited just like any regular !Wiki page.

Editing Pages Policy

This is by definition a collaborative work - if there is something that wrong that can be fixed, it should be fixed immediately and by whoever has rights to it. If there is a strong need to limit editability, then that should be done by administration or at least a declaration at the top of the page by the author.

Project Layout in Wiki

Projects that have a lot of material of their own should set up their own TracNav. The master page for the project should contain both the project TracNav and the IDS-ADI TracNav. All other pages can just keep the project TracNav. This keeps the list of links relatively succinct and to the point, but provides a path back to the "parent" projects if need be.

Project Layout in Subversion

Subversion layout - TBD.

Linking Wiki project to subversion - TBD.

Attaching to the Discussion Forums

Policy how to name/create discussion topics and attach them to Wiki pages.

The first thing to do is to find out which forum is the right one to attach to. Some projects have their own forums, while other pages will just use the IDS-ADI one. To see all the forums, click on the "Discussions" link on the left hand side page banner, or click here.

Then select the appropriate forum, such as IdsAdiProject or RdsWipProject.

Create the topic using the New Topic button at the bottom of the page, and enter the page name as the subject, for example: "MyPageName" in the usual page name convention (don't enter quotes).

Generally, when creating a page-linked discussion topic, just make the first message body an description that this is the discussion forum for the page (probably nice to link to the page too).

Submit the message to start the topic, then verify that the topic appears in the list of topics for the forum.

The navigate to the page and edit this markup into the page


of course, substituting MyPageName? for the page name in question. Save that change to the page, and the discussion will appear at the bottom of the page for those users who are logged in.

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