ISO 15926 as OWL October 2nd 2012

Time: 2012-06-25, 1.30PM-2.30PM (CEST)
Venue: Web meeting
Chair: Lillian Hella
Minutes: Lillian Hella
Present: Victor Agroskin, David Price, Onno Paap, Kari Anne Haaland Thorsen and Lillian Hella


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Approval of MoM from last meeting
  3. JORD - what do we want from the presentation?
  4. Future meetings
    1. Frequency
    2. Physical meeting
  5. Short about MMT SIG scope
  6. Working title
  7. A.O.B

Minute of Meeting

1. Approval of agenda

2. Approval of MoM from last meeting

3. JORD - what do we want from the presentation?
We are interested in more information related to whether there is a part of the JORD project that is related to making an ontology of the reference data. If there is not such project planned, we decided that we do not need a separate JORD presentation.

4. Future meetings

There will be a meeting October 17th about EPIM ReportingHub (ERH) in Oslo for PCA and people involved in ERH, where the focus is to get an overview of ERH and how it is related to the ISO 15926 as OWL project. We will see if we can arrange for a part of this meeting to be open for the project group, and that David Price presents some of the work.

There is an ISO meeting in Miami in November. This could be a possibility for a face2face meeting in the US about our project. Lillian will check the agenda for the T25 meetings and see what is possible, and if we can arrange something in relation to this.

There is an interest in the workshop proposed in November/December in Oslo. This meeting needs to be coordinated with a possible Miami meeting. Parts/all of such a workshop will also be set up as a Web conference so that other participants can attend.

We have not scheduled a new Web meeting. The focus should be on the scope document so that we can define the scope and motivation for the work in more detail. Topics and discussions in the forum will support this task. An example illustrating what the new OWL 2 representation(s) can provide (e.g. related to type of reasoning and benefits) compared to existing representations would be advantageous.

5. Short about MMT SIG scope
There is no separate scope document for the MMT SIG, but some information for what and how they work is available in:

Lillian will participate in future MMT SIG meetings, and eventually take over the chair role for the SIG. Therefore, the coordination of the work in this project and the work in MMT SIG should be covered.

6. Working title
No new proposals have been received. Summary of what we already have: Names of the existing Part 7 and 8:

  • Part 7: Implementation methods for the integration of distributed systems: Template methodology
  • Part 8: Implementation methods for the integration of distributed systems: Web Ontology Language (OWL) implementation

Suggestions so far:

  • ISO 15926 for the semantic web
  • ISO 15926 in OWL
  • ISO 15926 as OWL
  • Best practice modelling of ISO 15926
  • ISO 15926 in OWL2
  • Life cycle integration using semantic web technologies
  • ISO 15926 and OWL2

Since we have already had long discussions about this topic we decided keep the title we already have for now, and discuss it at a later stage if we find it necessary.

7. A.O.B
No items proposed.

Action Items

Action 12.08: Set up an agenda for PCA and ERH meeting 17th October and see if we can make parts of this meeting open for this project group (Kari Anne and Lillian)
Action 12.09: Check ontology as reference data in JORD statement with Ian (Lillian)
Action 12.10: Set up discussions in Forum 1) What do we have now – what are the possibilities and limitations? 2) How do you interpret an ontology? We do not have a shared definition 3) Straw man for scope definition and issues - What is the motivation for a new OWL 2 version(s)? (Lillian)
Action 12.11: Participate in discussions and provide feedback on scope document when notified (All)
Action 12.12: Look into forum notifications. If there are no automatic notification, send out such notifications manually by email (Lillian)
Action 12.13: Talk to Nils about the T25 agenda at the ISO meeting in Miami (Lillian)

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