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An Introduction to ISO 15926

Dateline: November, 2011

The ISO 15926 Primer

has been renamed to

An Introduction to ISO 15926.

It has been published by Fiatech and is available free of charge from their website. Follow the link below and look under the heading "Workforce & Training"

Contents of An Introduction to ISO 15926

  • Why We Need ISO 15926
  • The History of ISO 15926
  • How Does ISO 15926 Work?
  • Current Events in the World of ISO 15926?
  • Getting Started with ISO 15926
  • Appendices
    • A: The Parts of ISO 15926
    • B: Compliance with ISO 15926
    • C: Examples of Database Mapping
    • D: Other Resources
  • Glossary of Concepts containing extended explanations of key concepts, including key terminology

About An Introduction to ISO 15926

The ISO 15926 Primer started in the spring of 2008 as part of the Camelot and Avalon projects sponsored by Fiatech and the POSC Caesar Association. It was finished in the fall of 2009 and made public on this website. It explained in simple terms what ISO 15926 is, why it is needed, where it comes from, how it works, and finally, some ideas for getting started.

Due to continued demand from the Fiatech membership for some introductory information about ISO 15926, Fiatech decided to publish it. A group of experts was gathered for a line-by-line review. New material was added and some out-of-date parts were completely rewritten.

This PCA website now contains:

  • What is ISO 15926?
    • A brief introduction to ISO 15926 in a form that can be used as the basis of a powerpoint presentation to a group of new people.
  • The introduction from the book.

For your free copy, follow the link below and look under the heading "Workforce & Training"


* What is ISO 15926?

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