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Why Do We Need ISO 15926

The short answer is: "So we can exchange complex plant information with each other easily."

A slightly longer answer is: "To mitigate the current high costs of rekeying, and reformatting information to move it from one proprietary system to another."

For example, take the task of designing and sepcifying a process instrument for a plant modification. Imagine how many times information has to be rekeyed after the instrument is basically designed, until it is installed and commissioned in the target plant:

  1. From the process and simulation design software to the design datastore, likely a datasheet in Excel, or a database.
  2. After transmitting this datasheet to many potential vendors, each vendor will have to enter some of the data values into proprietary software to make a selection.
  3. Each vendor will have to enter some data values into the data sheet (assuming an editable electronic copy of the datasheet is being used) and transmit it back to the engineer.
  4. The design engineer will rekey certain data values into a bid tabulation to make a purchasing decision.
  5. Certain data values from the winning bid will be rekeyed into the engineer's premanent database.
  6. After transmitting the individual data sheets to the owner after commisioning, they are typically rekeyed into an Asset Management System.

The situation is improving. A few years ago the datasheets would have been printed and faxed to the vendors who would manually add what they had to and fax them back--now we email editable electronic files. And there are proposals to streamline the final handover so that it is already in the form required for the owner's Asset Management System--the the configuration costs speak to the complixity of the issue.

What we need is a way for each participant's software to be able to communicate complex information to each other without having to know in advance what needs to be communicated.

How ISO 15926 Solves the Problem

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