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Proof is in Matrix Subproject 8, Camelot

Once Camelot is complete, expected in mid 2009, organizations will be able to download what

is known as the iRING components. These components will be available royalty-free to any

organization that can use them.

he purpose of Camelot, is to demonstrate a working façade between several organizations in a

realistic setting. Thus, Camelot will demonstrate the viability of ISO 15926. The project will

demonstrate several things:

  • That ISO 15926 RDS/WIP can be used to model various business objects.
  • The publicly available tools can be used to set up and configure maps between legacy systems

and the ISO 15926 RDS/WIP models.

  • That publicly available tools can be used with the ISO 15926 RDS/WIP models to exchange

realistic information between several companies.

The prototype tools being developed for Camelot will be released into the public domain when the

project is finished. These tools include:

  1. RDS/WIP content browser
  2. RDS/WIP content editor
  3. Web service protocol
  4. Legacy to ISO 15926 transformation adapter
  5. Mapping editor
  6. Demonstration utilities

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