ISO 15926 Part 7 Use Case 1

SPARQL endpoints over OWL/RDF triplestores providing a basis to a kind of Service Oriented Architecture for sharing plant maintenance, operations, engineering, design and purchasing data.

Rich content documents would be stored alongside each SPARQL endpoint in a WEB-DAV service. Extensive annotation data maintained in the triplestore will be a master for providing meta-data to the WEB-DAV service.

Submissions to add/modify/delete data at an endpoint should be made via Web Services (SOAP with WSDL) calls.

The triplestores should instantiate information from classes defined at other SPARQL endpoints, especially a master collaborative publishing space called the RDS/WIP, that defines the base terms and a living reference data library.

The instantiated and definitional forms must share the same language and system of expression within that language: that is to say, the form in the RDS/WIP must look like the same form used for data interoperability. Note: however, it is possible that the RDS/WIP contains information beyond that used for data exchange - for example, it might have validation rulesets, explanatory diagrams etc.

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