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Creating a Mapping Spreadsheet

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Creating a Mapping Spreadsheet

The first step is to look at the three sets of data and create a cross-reference list for each table. We want to be able to show equivalent database rows in the same row of the list. A spreadsheet is an excellent medium.

Create a pair of columns for each participant, and three columns for ISO 15926-4 information:

  • 3D Table
  • 3D Column
  • Line List Table
  • Line List Column
  • Material Table
  • Material Column
  • ISO 15926 Class Label
  • ISO 15926 Class ID
  • ISO 15926 Description

Sample Spreadsheet

Examine the columns in each database listing and arrange equivalent column names on the same row. The example below starts with the columns in the 3D table, with the Line List columns next, followed by the Material columns.

Sample Spreadsheet

The first thing you notice is that there is not an exact match between the column names, and that each database contains information that neither of the other two does. This is OK. With ISO 15926 we do not have to share all of our information with our business partners, only that which has value.



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