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Creating Practice Scripts for the Database

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Practice Files

The first step is to get a description of the database columns involved in the exchange. In our example, we will assume that a database administrator in each of the three organizations gives you a SQL script that will create the tables at that organization, and another script to load a couple rows of sample data.

We prefer scripts that create the tables, rather than CSV file or spreadsheet, because the column names are sometimes ambiguous and the data types and sizes give valuable clues. We want sample data for the same reason; when the column names are ambiguous, looking at some sample data will give a clue. We prefer the data dumps in the form of scripts that will create the data rows because we invariably need to create and delete test data many times.

Assumption: That you know enough of SQL databases to read the scripts and data dumps. This will be necessary in the real world because you may have to build the database loading scripts from a printed data dump if the database cannot generate it for you.

You will only need to download one set of files. We have provided the files in three forms, for Oracle, SQL Server, and SQL Server 2005 Express, because that is the systems the authors of this page used.

3D design system database

Owner Line List database

Constructor Material Control database



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