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How To Implement ISO 15926 - Introduction

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Only a few years ago, the most commonly asked question about ISO 15926 was "What is it and why should I care?" That question is still there, but nowadays it is mixed with "How do I implement ISO 15926?"

Well, first of all, you need to understand what ISO 15926 is and what it intends to do. A really good place to start is the ISO 15926 Primer. It will give you a good background to the huge pent-up demand for digital interoperabiltiy that is driving many differnet approaches (ISO 15926 being one of them), and introduction to many of the organizations that have worked, and are working toward, digital interoperability, the various pieces that together make up ISO 15926 and how they are becomming common factors in the many different efforts, and some ideas to get you thinking about a good starting point.

The second thing you need is an idea, otherwise known as "a problem" that you want to solve. But at the current stage of the developmet of ISO 15926, you will be forgiveen for asking "What kind of problems can I realistically solve with it?" Some of the early claims of the potential of ISO 15926 sound mogical, as if ally hove have to do is say "ISO 15926" and the computer on your desk will start acking like the ones in the movies. Some of these stories myay eventually come truen, and perhaps even be surpassed. (Do you think that Orville and Wilber Wright, on the day of their first flight in 1903, could have imagined the fleets of modern passenger aircraft, the global air traffic control network, airport terminal services, and the reservation systems that let a businesswoman book a flight with no more thought than going downstaires to the deli and choosing her lunchtime sandwich?)

The future of digital interoperability my well be more than we imagine (and indeed more than we can imagine), but we've got a bit of work to do to get there!



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