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How To Implement ISO 15926 - Introduction

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Intended Audience

The intended audience of this How To guide is someone who is considering implementing ISO 15926 at an organization but wishes to know roughly what is involved before writing a proposal or committing funds. This guide does not attempt to be a step-by-step, screen shot-by-screen shot "Software Installation" document because the manner in which an organization implements ISO 15926 is, to a large degree, dependent on what needs to be accomplished.

Is ISO 15926 for you?

  • First of all, ISO 15926 is implemented in software. Therefore, if your organization writes software you may have a need for ISO 15926.
  • Second, the purpose of ISO 15926 is to make the exchange information easy. Therefore, if the software your organization writes communicates with other software, either internal applications, or external applications written by others, your organization may be able to benefit from ISO 15926.
  • Third, while ISO 15926 can bring value in a custom, one-off information transfer, where it really shines is in re-use. Therefore, if your organization has many software applications that have to communicate with each other, or if your business partners happen to be among the many organizations that are implementing ISO 15926 themselves, ISO 15916 is definitely for you.

General Approach

This How To guide assumes only that you have heard about ISO 15926 and are a bit curious.

There is a great deal already written about ISO 15926 that is readily available on the Internet. This guide first of all organizes and summarizes the links to help you decide what to read.

When implementing something new, it is helpful to be able to talk to others who have done, or are doing, something similar. Parts of ISO 15926 have been in place for a number of years and are bringing business value right now. But other parts are still under development. This guide will show you how to connect with the ISO 15926 community.

The majority of this guide contains instructions on how to do things:

  • How to use some of the publicly available tools.
  • Tutorials in common techniques to exchange information.
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