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Case Studies

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  1. Abstract
  2. Owner/Operator
    1. Shell - Oman LNG
    2. Shell/CNPC - Nanhai Petrochem
  3. EPC Company
  4. Original Equipment Manufacturer
  5. Software Developer
    1. AVEVA
    2. Bentley Systems
    3. Intergraph
    4. General


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These case studies focus on the information asset that was developed along with the physical plant. Emphasis is on how much of the information asset used ISO 15926 and which parts.

Shell - Oman LNG

Owner Shell
EPC Chaioda, Foster Wheeler
Detail Engineering 1996

This project started at about the time people were talking about STEP AP221 (a.k.a ISO 10303 Application Protocol 221), and thinking there should be something more. It was out of these ideas, and on this project, that ISO 15926 was probably born.

For this project, Shell wanted a data warehouse for the plant information. It was envisioned as a big repository where all the suppliers could post information. No one had a clear idea what this data store would be used for beyond being a resource, since none of the engineering produciton tools of the day could work with an external data warehouse.

Initial requirement for information asset was a data warehouse standardized against STEP.

To be continued...

Shell/CNPC - Nanhai Petrochem

Owner Shell, Chinese National Petroleum Company
EPC ??
Detail Engineering 2003-2004

EPC Company

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Software Developer


Bentley Systems




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