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ISO 15926 and Semantic Web Technologies 2009



10.30 Welcome

10.40 [Integrated Operations in the High North], Frédéric Verhelst (Epsis)

11.25 Break

11.40 [Can logical reasoning be used to achieve higher-level situation awareness?], Franz Baader (TU Dresden)

12.40 Lunch

13.30 [Progress and challenges in ISO 15926], Arild Waaler (UiO) and Johan Wilhelm Klüwer (DNV)

14.30 [Detecting Semantic Drift in Ontologies], Jon Atle Gulla (NTNU)

15.00 Break

15.15 [IBM's Intranet solution in Tail/IOHN], Frode Myren (IBM)

16.00 [Applying ISO 15926 to drilling control systems], Kari Ann Haaland Thorsen (UiS)

16.30 [Unified Enterprise Modelling Language (UEML) and ISO 15926], Andreas L. Opdahl (UiB)

17.00 Summing up, Thore Langeland, OLF

19.00 Sightseeing in Sogndal

20.00 Dinner at Sogndal Hotell


09.00 [Wittgenstein versus Tarski: Wittgensteinian interpretations of logic], Terje Aaberge (VF)

09.45 Break

10.00 Language, Meaning, Practice and The Tacit Grasp on the World, Kjell S. Johannessen (UiB)

11.45 Lunch Tørvis Hotel, Marifjøra

13.15 Guided tour: Wittgenstein in Skjolden, Harald Vatne

16.00 End


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