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ISO15926 and the Semantic Web Technologies Conference 2009

The next ISO 15926 and Semantic Web Technologies 2009 conference will take place 10 -11 September in Sogndal. The subject is as last year ISO 15926 and semantic technologies with emphasis on the creation of oil and gas ontologies for integration and reasoning.

The conference will be divided in two parts, one devoted to ISO 15926 and semantic technologies and a shorter session on Wittgenstein, his interpretation scheme for formal languages (which is relevant for semantic technologies) and on his relations to this region. The participants will also be invited on an excursion to the site of his cabin in Skjolden. The first part for the program is at present not fixed. We are thus asking for propositions, preferably in the domain indicated by the title, but may also accept other presentations related to semantic technologies. We are in particular asking for relevant contributions from young researcher (< 30 year) and have decided to offer a price of 25 000 NOK to the best master, PhD thesis or other comprehensive work on the subject.

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