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ISO 15926 and Semantic Web Technologies 2009



10.30 Welcome

10.40 Integrated Operations in the High North, Frédéric Verhelst (Epsis)

11.25 Break

11.40 Can logical reasoning be used to achieve higher-level situation awareness?, Franz Baader (TU Dresden)

12.40 Lunch

13.30 Progress and challenges in ISO 15926, Arild Waaler (UiO) and Johan Wilhelm Klüwer (DNV)

14.30 Detecting Semantic Drift in Ontologies, Jon Atle Gulla (NTNU)

15.00 Break

15.15 IBM's Intranet solution in Tail/IOHN, Frode Myren (IBM)

16.00 Applying ISO 15926 to drilling control systems, Kari Ann Haaland Thorsen (UiS)

16.30 Unified Enterprise Modelling Language (UEML) and ISO 15926, Andreas L. Opdahl (UiB)

17.00 Summing up, Thore Langeland, OLF

19.00 Sightseeing in Sogndal

20.00 Dinner at Sogndal Hotell


09.00 Wittgenstein versus Tarski: Wittgensteinian interpretations of logic, Terje Aaberge (VF)

09.45 Break

10.00 Language, Meaning, Practice and The Tacit Grasp on the World, Kjell S. Johannessen (UiB)

11.45 Lunch Tørvis Hotel, Marifjøra

13.15 Guided tour: Wittgenstein in Skjolden, Harald Vatne

16.00 End


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