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ISO 15926 and Semantic Web Technologies 2008


09.00 Welcome, Agnes Landstad, General Manager, Vestlandsforsking

09.20 Oil related activities in Sogn og Fjordane, Liv Bodil Baug, NHO Sogn og Fjordane

09.40 ISO 15926 – RDF/OWL, Terje Aaberge, Vestlandsforsking

10.20 Short introduction to RDF/OWL, Robert Engels, ESIS/Vestlandsforsking

10.50 Development and operation of Gjøa, Kjell Ola Jørgensen, GDF SUEZ

11.20 Coffee break

11.30 ISO 15926 Origins and possible futures, Mattew West, Information Logic

12.00 Lunch

13.00 An overview of ISO 15926 representation and operation Tore Christiansen, DNV

13.50 How to use Wiki to collaborate on ISO 15926/semantic tools/ontology development Martin G. Skjæveland, DNV

14.50 Coffee break

15.10 How DNV applies logic in processing of ISO 15926 semantic data Johan Wilhelm Klüwer, DNV

16.10 Coffee break

16.30 Semantic technology and 15926: Outline of an Introductory Course Henrik Forsell, PCA

16.40 Summing up Thore Langeland, OLF



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