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September 15th to 19th: Workshop related to Open O&M, MIMOSA and ISO 15926

Part 1: Monday September 15th and Tuesday September 16th

  1. Introduction by Alan
  2. Mimosa Primer by Ken
  3. Open O&M Use cases by Ken

Part 2: Wednesday September 17th

  1. IOHN and ISO15926 - by Nils Sandsmark and Magne Valen Sendstad (DNV)
  2. The P2529 projects (Part 1 and part 2)- by Tor Arne Irgens (The Norwegian Defence)
  3. MIMOSA’s strategic role - by Alan Johnston and Ken Bever (Mimosa)
  4. The MapIT project - by Oscar Fredagsvik (StatoilHydro)
  5. IBM- by Udo Pletat (IBM)
  6. SAP - by Chuck Pharris (SAP)
  7. Mimosa Proof of Technology - by Sam Youness, Mahesh Punyamurthula and Ann Alexander (Microsoft)

August 11th to 15th: Workshop related to integration of ISO 15926 and IBM's RSM

Workshop summary

The following are links to the presentations from the ISO15926 - RSM workshop August 15th 2008:

Relevant papers

Position papers for W3C Workshop on Semantic Web in Energy Industries:


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