EqHub - pre-qualified eqipment information delivery once and for all

EqHub is a project that is operated by EPIM. The official EqHub project Web site can be found here. PCA is one of the suppliers in the project, and we will here shortly describe their role.

Scope of Work for EqHub Standardization

(PCA) will make the existing ISO 15926 reference data library (ISO 15926 RDL) available for EqHub and extend it to cover the EqHub scope. The existing ISO 15926 libraries have three levels of reference data, see figure below.

  1. Reference data published by ISO as ISO Technical Specifications. Currently ISO TS 15926-3 Ontology for geometry and topology and ISO TS 15926-4 Initial reference data have been published
  2. Reference data approved by PCA Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  3. Reference data proposed by a large number of projects like IIP, IDS, IOHN, etc. These reference data have been developed over a period of more than 10 years and the quality of some of the reference data must be improved

Main tasks necessary to support EqHub with a high quality ISO 15926 reference data library:

  1. Enhance the PCA RDL, including templates, to cover the NorHub scope and improve the quality of the corresponding parts of the existing PCA RDL
  2. Run the PCA SIG approval of EqHub extensions
  3. Support ISO standardization of EqHub extensions
  4. Technical support of EqHub from PCA’s Reference Data Services (RDS)
  5. Enhancements of the Reference Data Support System (RDSS)
  6. Coordination and Quality Control

In the initial phase of EqHub most of the work has been concentrated on task 1. However, the PCA SIG approval process for the EqHub instrumentation extensions has also been started.

In 2010 the reference data for instruments and control was improved and enhanced to cover the full scope of EqHub.

Results of ongoing work are found here


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