EW Terms and Definitions

Original working documents from Novatech for evaluating existing and defining new EW terms in the ISO 15926 can be found in the following folder:

Working Documents for QA of EW terms

The following folder contains working documents which are kept in the subversion repositry. The documents are for assisting with both the QA of the new EW definitions and the upload of the definitions in the ISO 15926 RDL.

Progress 4 November 2008

Latest list of terms and definisions from Novatech:

Progress 12 November 2008

We have divided our terms into two parts and requested further definitions from Novatech - highlighted in red in the following documents:

Final List of Uploaded terms to the RDL

After a number of iterations with domain experts we have a final (but can be updated) list of terms and definitions:

* EW Report?

To find an explanation of the each column in the spreadsheets above and how the upload to the RDL actually works refer to: RDL Upload Explanation


To make use of semantic web technology in the future, we have translated the EW ontology to OWL format. We used Protege version 4 build 104. The file can be found here: WIP OWL. Please note this OWL file is work in progress, PCA id's need to be added.

The ISO 15026 Part 2 in OWL can be found at The 15926-2 standard in OWL.

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