EW Project Documentation

This page contains links to the EW project documentation.

Technical Documentation

The Environment Web is a database solution for gathering and analyzing data about releases to sea and emissions to air. The EW database allows operators to report emissions to air and discharges to sea from the petroleum activity on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

EW Documentation Documentation

An overview of the project and the deliverables can be found here: EW Project Plan

Further related documents that we are using for analysing the EW terms are described in:

Introduction to ISO 15926 and Semantic Technologies Course

Course notes and powerpoint slides prepared by Henrik Forssell from PCA

The course is divided into two modules. The first, is an introduction to semantic technology and ISO 15926 for a general audience. The second module, is a more technical introduction to the core parts of ISO 15926 for people who plan to use ISO 15926 for the modeling of a particular domain.

Final EW Project Report

The final project report together with a complete list of new EW terms and definitions can be found here: EW final project report.

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