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Drilling and Completion SIG

This is the WIKI page for the PCA Drilling and Completion SIG. 

  • [SigMandate Mandate for the SIG]
  • [SigInstMembers Listing of the current PCA Inst SIG members]

Roadmap - Goals and Planned Results


  • The PCA Inst SIG shall submit the Daily Drilling Report (DDR) reference data for ISO15926 submission within the end of the year.
  • The PCA Inst SIG shall through the work with DDR adopt methology and process in order to continue with validation of drilling-related reference data, needed in the IOHN project.


Table of Contents


[SigInstMeetingAgendas Meeting agendas][[BR]]

[SigInstMinutesOfMeetings SIG Minutes of Meetings][[BR]]

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Ongoing Work

[SigInstSemanticWitsmlAnnotation Semantic WITSML Annotation][[BR]]

Related work

[wiki:IOHN/Internal/AutoConRig AutoConRig] [[BR]]

[wiki:Ncs Data Standards for the Norwegian Continental Shelf][[BR]]

Work temporarly on Hold

[SigInstDrillpipeInspectionReport Drill Pipe Inspection ontology][[BR]]

SIG Internal

[SigInst/InternalGroupWork Internal discussion, related to SIG work processes][[BR]]


'''April 23rd 2009 - SIG Meeting, Drilling & Completion SIG'''[[BR]]

After over a year with just sporadic activity - the SIG finally got itself gathered for a new meeting. Read more about this in [ the minutes].

''' March 24th 2009 - Kick-off meeting EPIM Reports user forum '''[[BR]]

[ Epim] has taken over the responsibility of the Daily Drilling Report from OLF. Read more [ here].

''' April 8th 2008 - SIG Meeting, Drilling & Completion Ontology '''[[BR]]

A [wiki:SigInstMomApril082008 SIG meeting] was held at OLF on April 8th. 

''' March 13th 2008 -  informal SIG Workshop meeting '''[[BR]]

A recap of the previous meeting is held with Kari Anne Thorsen - !UiS and Odd Frode Torbjørnsen -!UiS/Cap Gemini and Henning Jansen - NOV, and the [wiki:SigInstSaWsdlPrototype2008 scope of work] is decided to aim at a small subset of the Daily Drilling Reporting WITSML schema and a proprietary dataset in OPC-UA. Henning will provide a basis for a mini ontology for this purpose, and OWL is the first candidate to be used for proof-of-concept. The implementation is targeted towards SAWSDL. A possible migration to ISO-15926 directly will be evaluated prior to SD2008.

''' February 6th 2008 - informal SIG Workshop meeting '''[[BR]]

A small workgroup session was held at NOV in Stavanger, with focus on creating a pilot implementation of a WITSML --> OPC-UA datamapping via ISO15926. The purpose of the pilot is for presentation at the Semantic Days 2008 conference in April. Kari Anne Thorsen - !UiS and Odd Frode Torbjørnsen -!UiS/Cap Gemini are starting up an activity in the form of a M.Sc thesis "SA-WSDL in Oil & Gas".

''' January 3rd 2008 - AutoConRig accepted by RCN '''[[BR]]

According to the a notice on the web-page for the [ Research Council of Norway - NCR], the AutoConRig project proposal has been accepted and granted funding. The project is an initiative sprung out of the IO in the High North JIP project, and will have significant impact on the work of the SIG. More information will follow as soon as we have heard more from NCR. Please visit the wiki-link AutoConRig for more information.

''' December 20th 2007 '''[[BR]]

POSC Caesar/DNV has finalized the first part of a study on [SigInstDrillpipeInspectionReport Drill Pipe Inspection Reporting]. The work has been conducted by Magne Valen Sendstad @ DNV-IQM. A work-session with TracID is scheduled at January 10th, assigned to work through details in the material.

''' December 18th 2007 '''[[BR]]

A [wiki:SigInstWorkshopDecember2007 SIG work meeting] was held on December 17-18 2007 at OLF @ Stavanger. The meeting was arranged as a workshop with emphasis on mapping XML/XSD types to ISO-15926, based on experience from the IIP project and the typ_baseTypeSchema.

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