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     3= EPIM Reports User Forum - Production = 
     5'''Collaborating to create Standards for Production Data on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS)''' 
     7The EPIM Reports User Forum (RUF) is the responsible body for maintaining and enabling enhancements to the common reports to authorities and licence partners on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The standard XML schemas and corresponding reference data resulting from collaborative projects are under continuous development by the stakeholders in the Oil & Gas industry. 
     9The open standards' approach invites all stakeholders to [pca:wiki:HowToUseTickets propose improvements by submitting a ticket]. You can follow the development of the production standard in the: [wiki:CollaborationRoom Collaboration Room]. Here you can find all version of the XML schemas and the proposed changes. 
     11For more information see [ EPIM's website]. 
     13== Daily Production Report (DPR) == 
     14The DPR is developed to facilitate standardized data exchange, both format and content, between operators and other partners on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). Daily activity and production data are reported between partners. 
     16The latest official version of the XML schema and reference data (terminology) can be found at: 
     18  http://asdf 
     20== Monthly Production Report (MPR) == 
     21All operator companies on the NSC shall every month submit a production report to the authorities. In addition, monthly production reports are exchanged between operators and licences. 
     22The Norwegian authorities (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD)) are planning to use the MPR XML schema as the required format for reporting. 
     24The latest official version of the XML schema and reference data (terminology) can be found at 
     26  http://asdf 
     28== History and Background == 
     29In 2005 a solution for Daily Production Report (DPR) was developed under the DPR project initiated by [ OLF]. The collaboration involved:  The objective of the project was to develop XML schemas for the exchange of daily production reports between operators and partners on the Norwegian Continental shelf. The reference data from the project can be found in the POSC Caesar reference data library (RDL) while the XML schemas are now included in WITSML v 1.3.1 available at [] 
     31[ Read OLF's report on the Daily Production Reporting]. 
     33== Projects == 
     34[wiki:DPRProject Daily Production Report Project] 
     36[wiki:MPRProject Monthly Production Report Project]