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     3= Production Collaboration Room = 
     4This collaboration room is the common site for parties involved in the development of the DPR and MPR XML schemas and corresponding reference data. Its purpose is to handle proposals for improvements from stakeholders and users of DPR and MPR through the open ticket system to EPIM RUF (Reports User Forum). 
     8 * Keep a record of the versions of the XML schemas and the corresponding reference data 
     9 * Make available all published versions of the standard, with differences between the versions (change logs) 
     10 * Track and document all proposals for improvement to the latest version of the XML schemas 
     11 * Enable EPIM RUF to prioritize and initiate relevant projects 
     13== EPIM Report User Forum == 
     14The EPIM Reports User Forum (RUF) is responsible for maintaining and enabling further enhancements to the common report standards. 
     16Participants list : link to which updates the list 
     18== The ticket system == 
     19Before you create a ticket[pca:wiki:Ncs/ReportUserForum/HowToUseTickets read this]. 
     21The ticket system is one of two means for submitting your proposals to the EPIM RUF. The collaboration room is open for participation by all relevant stakeholders such as authorities, oil companies, service companies, solution providers, universities, research institutions and standardization organizations. You can also send an email to ``. 
     23Guidelines for EPIM RUF administrators are found here: [pca:wiki:Ncs/ReportUserForum/TicketAdmin Ticket Administration]. 
     25== File repository == 
     27Files are kept in the file storage revision system called Subversion (svn). Svn has the capability to compare and find differences between different versions of a file. The changes are presented to the user in an easy to understand way. A revision history of all changes allows for arbitrary rollback in file versions and easy change control. Read  [pca:wiki:Ncs/ReportUserForum/Filestorage more about svn and structure] of the file storage. 
     29The repository also contains other arbitrary files used in meetings, e.g. presentations. 
     31== History and Background == 
     32In 2005 a solution for Daily Production Report (DPR) was developed under the DPR project initiated by [ OLF]. The collaboration involved:  The objective of the project was to develop XML schemas for the exchange of daily production reports between operators and partners on the Norwegian Continental shelf. The reference data from the project can be found in the POSC Caesar reference data library (RDL) while the XML schemas are now included in WITSML v 1.3.1 available at [] 
     34[ Read OLF's report on the Daily Production Reporting]. 
     35== Projects == 
     36A collaborative project is established to execute and implement proposed Change Requests, subject to industry relevance and funding. 
     38List of projects: 
     40 * [wiki:projects/DailyProductionReport_1.0 DPR Project] 
     41 * [wiki:MPRProject MPR Project]