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2These values represent a classification of a drill bit based on its reason for being declared inoperable, as originally defined by the IADC.
3BC - Broken Cone
4BT - Broken teeth/cutters
5BU - Balled Up
6CC - Cracked Cone
7CD - Cone Dragged
8CI - Cone Interference
9CR - Cored
10CT - Chipped Teeth
11ER - Erosion
12FC - Flat Crested Wear
13HC - Heat Checking
14JD - Junk Damage
15LC - Lost Nozzle
16LN - Lost Nozzle
17LT - Lost Teeth/Cutters
18NO - No Dull/No Other Wear
19OC - Off-Center Wear
20PB - Pinched Bit
21PN - Plugged Nozzle
22RG - Rounded Gauge
23RO - Ring Out
24SD - Shirttail Damage
25SS - Self-Sharpening Wear
26TR - Tracking
27WO - WashOut on Bit
28WT - Worn Teeth/Cutters
32 The value is not known. This value should not be used in normal situations. All reasonable attempts should be made to determine the appropriate value. Use of this value may result in rejection in some situations.
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